Just when the Powershell Kid thought that CSV is a great way of getting outputs, CSV betrays him.

He realizes this when he tries to create a CSV file which lists all the Scheduled tasks on his computer. He runs this small command which is supposed to get him an output in CSV without any hustle, and it does get him an output in CSV file.

schtasks /query /FO CSV > "C:UsersPKTaskSchedList.csv"

But wait!!. It opens in MS Excel fine, but everything in the file is in a “single” column. This is not how he wanted it. Well, of course, it has a way around, by doing some MS Excel Mumbo Jumbo, but he doesn’t like this way of doing it. So he tries this new hack. Powershell does have its ways to get things done.

#Save this as a file named "TaskSchedList.ps1"

$Scriptpath = split-path $SCRIPT:MyInvocation.MyCommand.Path -parent
$tempfile = "$($env:temp)TempTaskSchedList.csv"
$outputFile = "$ScriptpathTaskSchedList.csv"
schtasks /query /FO CSV > $tempfile
Import-csv -Path $tempfile | ?{$_.Taskname -notmatch "TaskName"} | Export-csv -Path $outputFile -NoTypeInformation

And great!! It does wonders!